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If you want to register a record, search for it with the filters and hit the Submit Button at the record you've broken. Then post your record in the corresponding Discussion on our forums. Please provide as much plausible information as possible to make it the most ease for everyone.

Just follow our Guidelines. German version in our Forum.

Guidelines Icon

Mandatory Information

  • Name of your Character
  • Record value
  • Screenshot or video clearly showing the record (some records necessarily require a video)

Screenshot and Video Requirements

  • Screenshots must be full-sized
  • Videos should show the record without too much editing (e.g. add a clear replay)
  • The status (H) or messenger (E) window must be visible
  • Censoring should be as small as possible
  • Censor only with colored rectangles
  • Well-known players support the plausibility

Decision of Acknowledgment

The decision to acknowledge a record is always done by the MONZTArecord Team. The last word is with them.